Practice with KRI certified instructor
Sally Dunn

May all beings have happiness & the causes of happiness.

Kundalini Yoga Class Schedule

I arrange my time around a students availability for private sessions. I teach all ages who may be suffering from emotional distress such as grief and anger. All emotions can be addressed and relieved. All students learn meditation techniques to change emotional and physical negative behavior patterns and/or addictions. Children and adults with dyslexia and attention challenges can greatly be helped by these practices. 

Private classes :$45 for a 75 min class

Group sessions: $20 for a 75 min class

Tuesdays & Sat     @House of Dunn 813 E Rutland St.

Group Session      10:00 am  Kundalini yoga/meditation

                                  info/registration text or call  Sally 985-630-9793 

Every Second Tuesday of each month in the Pavilion @ Northlake Nature Center

for info/registration I donate my class fees for the benefit of the Nature Center. Please come join us rain or shine!

23135 Hwy 190 Mandeville

                                   Understand through Compassion

Yogi Bhajan has said of these times, "Understand through compassion, or you will misunderstand the times." The space of compassion is easier to access when we are emotionally balanced: any imbalance will create the perception of lack. The statement, "You don't do enough for me!" may be generated in part by the reality of not taking good enough care of yourself. If the vines on your own house are creeping across the windows and blocking out the light, it doesn't make sense to blame the neighbors, now does it?

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